logo_isimaISIMA is an Engineering Grande Ecole for Computing located in the Auvergne region and focuses on IT professions and their applications.

Authorised by the Commission des titres (CTI) to deliver the Engineering Diploma since the School was created (the latest renewal: 2015-2021), the School has an annual intake of 120 new students each year, all recruited via the Concours Communs Polytechniques and based on student files as of two years of University studies (L2/DUT/BTS).

The strong points of ISIMA are

20 years of innovations

95% of students find employment

Exciting careers

A strong company network

International training and double diplomas

15 associations & clubs

Clermont is in first position in the classification of large student towns (urban sites of 20.000 to 40.000 students).

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