Sciences Po Grenoble is part of the “Communauté d’universités et établissements (ComUE) Université Grenoble Alpes” and is a partner member of IDEX (Excellence Initiative) selected in 2016.

Over the course of a five year period, Sciences Po Grenoble proposes an ambitious intellectual pathway designed to train the decision-makers of tomorrow. Benefitting from all the advantages of a Grande Ecole while participating fully in the development of the Grenoble-Alps University, our institute distinguishes itself by the IEP_grenoblemultidisciplinary nature of the training that it offers in the social sciences field and the strength of its political science research.

Since 2012, Sciences Po Grenoble has been engaged in full reform of the studies it proposes (internationalisation, professionalization, digital development, innovation and creativity) and full renovation of its premises.

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